Bike NP Krka – Ljepota kretanja, kretanje u ljepoti

Krka Bike: a little something for everybody

The middle and upper courses of the Krka River are an ideal destination for those who want to spend their vacation actively in untouched nature due to the specific configuration of the terrain and the natural phenomena in the surroundings. The Krka National Park has enriched its tourist offerings by opening fourteen bike routes that connect the most attractive parts of the park, offering access to quite new beautiful spots and challenges.
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Traffic signals on the Krka Bike routes

Signs related to cycling traffic in the park can be recognized according to simple elements: a recognizable dark blue color, selected in accordance with the Manual for Graphic and Product Design System of Signs and Interpretation in Protected Areas in the Republic of Croatia, and the simple, "clean" font of Typeonin Sans. You can find the signs at intersections, open sections of roads, and at locations where the path turns or returns along the same route.
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Rules of conduct for cyclists

Cycling is a pleasant activity beneficial for the body. It brings joy to all cyclists as they move through space. In order for your ride to be even more pleasant and safe, you need to abide by the safety rules enforced in the Republic of Croatia.
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