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Krka Trophy registrations are open!

The Krka Trophy marathon has a mission – to have fun while riding! A marathon is always a marathon, there have to be uphill sections and it has to be physically challenging. However, the team from 4 Islands, who also organise the international race Mitas 4 Islands race, has done a great job in preparing a track to help you occasionally forget the tough parts, and truly enjoy the ride. Last year was proof that the race route, starting in Drniš and mostly running through the mystical landscapes of Promina, was truly an enjoyable ride. The next round of one of the most fun marathons you can ride is coming up on 28 September.

Try out one of the four different routes prepared by the organisers. The routes were planned keeping both recreationalists and seasoned cyclists in mind. Guides for each are Maša, Stipe, Zvone, Joke and Marin, with different cycling profiles and interests, and all resemblances to real people is no coincidence. They all share a love for cycling, though their visions of cycling differ. If you need help choosing which route is the right one for you, consult with them: read about the character and type of rider they are, and if you can relate to any of them, you are certainly on the right track. More detail on the routes, their lengths and technical difficulties is available HERE.

And to make things even better, the organisers have promised that your cycling bliss will be accompanied by full services along the route race, the likes of which have not yet been seen on Croatia’s MTB scene.

Have you heard enough and are now anticipating 28 September to see what we are talking about for yourself? Register today at: