BURNUM – Bike NP Krka


Burnum is a Roman military camp situated at the site of the present day settlement of Ivoševci, constructed in the 1st century AD. The remnants of the arch of the military command building, and the well preserved amphitheatre. The monumental engraving dating to the year 76/77 was also found, clearly confirming the donation of the Roman Emperor Vespasian. Since the camp was erected in a strategically important location to control the passage over the river, after the departure of the military, Burnum became a thriving town that played an important role into the late years of Antiquity.

Just a few hundred metres from Burnum is a viewpoint offering stunning views of the Krka’s tallest waterfall – Manojlovački Slap. Several routes pass by this viewpoint: road routes R-2, starting in Skradin, and R-3, starting at the visitor centre in Laškovica, and the mountain route M-5, starting from the Krka Eco Campus in Puljani. If you are interested in a short and light ride to Manojlovački Slap, then take trekking route T-1, 12 km long and starting from the Krka Eco Campus, then crossing over Brljan waterfall, and after a 232 m long climb, reaching the waterfall that emperors admired.