The Čikola River is the largest tributary of the Krka River. It springs under the slopes of Mt. Svilaja, near the village Čavoglava, and drains into the Krka just above Skradinski Buk, so the lower section of the river lies within the boundaries of Krka National Park. At the mouth of the Čikola River, there is a natural phenomenon: the Torak Lake spring, an attractive, intense blue and almost perfectly round spring.

The Čikola Canyon stands out for being exceptionally inaccessible and rugged, and the riverbed often dries out completely. This inaccessibility was often desirable in the past, and there are two caves in the area containing finds form the Palaeolithic age, and the Ključica fortress also stands here.

Even in the dry period, the landscape is impressive, features larger and smaller, light coloured boulders.