Roški Slap with the Necklace of cascades is a gem hidden in the heart of the canyon. The largest number of cycling routes pass over this feature on the picturesque bridge, surrounded by series of cascades, backwaters and islets. This locality is part of the mountain routes M-3, 34 km in length, and M-5, 46 km in length, and both include a number of spectacular viewpoints at the end of steep and long climbs. The starting point for both routes is the visitor centre at Laškovica. Those who prefer road cycling will reach this point via the road routes R1 and R2, starting from Skradin, or R3, starting from the visitor centre at Laškovica. The latter route, over 50 km in length and reaching elevations of 1400 m, passes through the quaint villages and vast fields, with lookouts over the Krka River Canyon.

The third leg of the international cycling race Tour of Croatia passed over Roški Slap on 21 April 2016. This event brings together natural beauty, sport and tourism destinations into an event that is watched by millions across Europe. The race covers a course of over 1000 km and includes 12 city hosts in 10 counties, with cyclists passing through more than a hundred settlements throughout Croatia.